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Jacquie will create an original watercolor painting to compliment your home decor.  She will also teach you how to realize your ScribThoughts. Please contact Jacquie at 413-552-7373 or email her at if you would like to discuss purchasing an original painting with a frame or have a ScribThought Expressions class that will center and uplift your mind.

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I am trying to appeal to your creative side. As you go through this site you will see how people have expressed their ScribThoughts and you will see some of the ones I expressed too.



Books: Legendary Locals of Holyoke

thumb legendaryHolyoke is home to some of the most amazing and courageous individuals. In 1658, European pioneer John Riley, along with other early planters, was instrumental in establishing a community in the West Springfield area called Ireland Parish, which eventually became known as Holyoke. This tenacious man led the way for many other trailblazers, including George Ewing, who envisioned utilizing hydropower to operate factories and inspired town engineers to design one of the first planned cities in the United States. In 1898, the progressive Elizabeth Towne encouraged Holyoke residents and an international audience with her New Thought movement that advocated a healthy lifestyle. Another outstanding citizen, Timothy Alben, judiciously leads the Massachusetts State Police, while Holyoke's Henry Jennings honorably served his country in the armed forces, as a commander of the Holyoke War Memorial Building, and on the Holyoke City Council. Barbara Bernard has astutely kept residents informed about current events for the last 70 years. Legendary Locals of Holyoke chronicles the community's finest men and women who survived and prospered through harsh circumstances and against all odds.

Books: Not Just Not Ever

thumb notjustA unique self-expression technique helping to heal addiction, depression, and anxiety. Jacqueline M. Sears, also known as Jacquie, tells her story of transformation and discovery as she captured her thoughts and writes about her life experiences that will elevate and inspire you. "Jacquie's resourcefulness and artistic sensibility moved her to create and hone a unique self-expression thought technique that has encouraged her to realize her feelings in a simple, free, and from the heart and gut manner," according to Marilyn Huffman, Therapist. This unique technique rescued her from an emotional abyss of uncertainty and dismay. Today, she offers her story for the greater good encouraging people to find a passionate distraction so they can find an inner-peace and happiness in their lives.

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