Students' Comments

Here’s what people are saying about ScribThoughts …

"Jacquie brought in her drawings and I was completely amazed and impressed, not only at her artistic freedom, but at the depth of meaning of each one. The drawings were simple, free, and from the heart and gut….It became clear to me that Jacquie had done about 6 weeks of emotional work in half the time… Jacquie is a remarkable human being."- Marilyn, Therapist

"When I do a ScribThought with Jacquie, amazing things happen. Jacquie creates such a warm and inviting atmosphere that I am able to flow with the pencil in ScribThought. With each new ScribThought, I learn something about myself. Most often the result is surprising, not something that had been on my “radar”. The class makes me think, allows me to feel, and helps me to grow in an atmosphere free of judgment. I highly recommend this innovative and fun work shop!"- Sue

"I was made aware of a phenomena residing in us that enables our thoughts to be put to paper. Jacquie Sears put me onto an incredible process to see what my mind felt during a significant event. The first time I experienced this was when my daughter was flying home after an all too brief visit. As I could see the aircraft taking off, the ScribThought thing came to mind and I immediately jotted down what my mind was actually thinking as the plane disappeared. I will forever cherish this unique manner of self-expression from within myself."- George

"ScribThoughts provided me with a playful and safe approach to exploring my feelings and emotions. It was an amazingly satisfying and creative experience!"- Betty