What is a ScribThought?

What is a ScribthoughtA ScribThought is a self-exploring thought expression technique. It is a creative and joyful process that enables your true self to emerge. It is believed that for us to feel fully human and connected, our child within must be embraced and expressed. Uncovering our childlike feelings, sensitivities, and wonderment helps restore inner peace and can improve a person’s mind-set and quality of life. 

ScribThoughts release inner messages. They are an expression of thought and emotion organically rendered through scribbled images, heartfelt sketches and words.

“My method has made a truly positive and decisive impact on my life. I’m now empowered to make my mark! Today, I think in pastels, to me nothing is black and white. ScribThoughts can really make a phenomenal difference in your life.”- Jacquie Sears, ScribThought Creator.

Expressing her ScribThoughts has helped Jacquie become a more insightful, creative, and productive person. ScribThoughts have led her to take control, pursue artistic endeavours, and realize personal and professional aspirations.

A ScribThought Mobile Expressions Class is a fun and enriching experience that enables you to find your creative bliss. Jacquie’s story will inspire, as she shares her discovery with you. She will lead you every step of the way; and your ScribThought will be realized.

The possibilities are endless...