Class Information

classScribThought Mobile Expression classes are uplifting and fun for people of all ages. Whether you join a scheduled class, or arrange a private group session; you will enjoy this uniquely creative heartfelt journey…

During the 2 hour class led by ScribThought creator, Jacquie Sears, you will design a hand crafted mobile creating a personal expression for you to keep and treasure.

To help center you, Jacquie creates a calming ambiance with soothing music, gentle breathes and stretches. Your relaxed state will stimulate your thoughts and creativity. Adult classes focus on self-discovery and creatively connecting with one's inner thoughts. Children’s classes are confidence building and encourage creative expression, by process of crafting the mobiles.

For optimum results, only small class sizes are offered:

  • Adult classes are for 4-8 students & cost $30.00 per person
  • Children’s classes (10 years and older) are for 4-6 students & cost $20.00 per child
  • Children’s classes (6-9 years) accommodate 4 students & cost $20.00 per child

Classes begin with realizing a ScribThought; taking colored pencils to paper, you will scribble images and words in a free-flowing manner. With Jacquie’s hands-on style, you will then start to transform your ScribThought into a mobile. With copper wire as basis, you will add baubles and trinkets to adorn your mobile. Embellishments, of your choice, can include a variety of colorful beads, assorted charms, and ribbons. Students will also be taught how to make clay krunkle attachments that are baked in class.

Finally an official Scribthought emblem will be attached by Jacquie to certify that your ScribThought Mobile Expression is from your own heart and hand.  All of these supplies are provided and included in the cost of the class.

At the end of the session, with mobile complete, you will leave feeling hopeful with a sense of inner peace. You’ll be excited to share your experience of unleashing your creative spirit with others.