Meet Jacquie Sears

Jacqueline Sears, also known as Jacquie, lives in Southampton, Massachusetts, is the mother of three children and the wife of her best friend for the last 30 years. She is passionate about her nature inspired watercolor and animal paintings, her writings, and her community service initiatives. She is dedicated to helping others and committed to teaching others how realize their ScribThought and transforming them into a mobile in a ScribThought Mobile Expression Class.

Under Jacquie's guidance you will unleash your imagination, find your creative courage, and discover the exciting world of ScribThoughts.

Jacquie has multiple sclerosis (MS), an inflammatory disease with no known cure. The onset of this disease compelled her to become proactive and to live authentically. She made the conscious decision to live her life to the fullest and give back to her community.

Living with this disease, Jacquie intuitively sought a thoughtful and creative outlet to deal with the reality of her situation, her emotions, and physical pain.  She tenderly developed Scribthoughts and felt the immediate benefits. Her mission is now to share her experience, and coach others to recognize their potential through her ScribThought self-expression technique. She released her new book Not Just, Not Ever! Let Your Creative Life Comfort and Inspire You on Amazon.