Jacqueline, also known as Jacquie, is the best friend of her husband Tommie, a proud mother of three children and a grandmother. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000, Jacquie's resourcefulness and artistic sensibility moved her to create and hone a unique self-exploring thought expression technique called a ScribThought. Since that time, she has written and illustrated her thoughts with this cathartic technique in her Book called Not Just, Not Ever! Let Your Creative Life Comfort and Inspire You. Arts, Prints, and Gifts 

She has also raised funds to preserve veteran’s markers in her Community- Honoring Our Future By Preserving Our Past. Realizing her love of history, Jacquie went on to write a column called A Moment in Time in her Community highlighting Holyoke’s amazing history. She was eventually given the opportunity to write a Book profiling some of Holyoke’s finest men and women called Legendary Locals of Holyoke, an Arcadia Imprint.  Arts, Prints, and Gifts

As she realized her ScribThoughts she learned to relax, alleviate, and ease some of her symptoms by indulging in artistic endeavors such as sketching, drawing, sculpting; and especially painting with watercolor, oil, and pastels. Recently, she captured the sun’s glorious light in photography. Arts, Prints, and Gifts

If you would like her to create an original watercolor painting to suit your home décor, celebrate or memorialize your pet, and or purchase an original painting by Jacqueline, please inquire about available payment options. 

Jacqueline sells her watercolor note cards and prints at Bashita Orchards and Cider Mill in Southampton, MA.